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Why Choose Isoclad

  • Complete Panel Systems
  • Bespoke Laminating
  • High Quality
  • Fully Certified
  • High Performance
  • Visually Attractive
  • Full Support
  • 3 Day Delivery
  • Easy Installation
Isoclad EPS

The multi-purpose panel for temporary or cost effective containment

Isoclad XPS

The highly insulated and strong panel system

Isoclad Firestop

The insulated
fire proof
panel system

Isoclad Securiclad

The high security panel system to LPS 1175 SR4 Rating

Insulated Composite Panels and Associated Flashings and Ancillaries'

Based in the North East but delivering nationally since 1978 (formerlly Isowall UK Ltd, the largest manufacturer of Isowall panel), in 1999 we became Isoclad Ltd. Isoclad are the only UK based panel manufacturer to offer the complete range of panel cores manufactured to LPCB test standards, i.e Mineral fibre and PIR.

Our objective is to provide the total solution to your panelling needs, whether you require wall panels or ceiling panels. We achieve this by offering a one stop shop with complete technical and site back up. Our flexibility and culture allow us to organise and respond to your project needs in a time scale to suit you.

While other panel manufacturers concentrate on a single panel core type, there is a real possibility that end users will be offered a ‘one panel fits all’ approach to panel selection. Isoclad are uniquely positioned to give panel specifiers, contractors and end users’ unbiased advice during the design/feasibility/build stage of any project.

Put simply, we will provide the panel best suited to end use application in the agreed timescale, regardless of whether the panel is a wall panel, ceiling panel or any other panel. Give us a call now. The Isoclad sales team are ready to take your enquiry on 0191 258 5052.

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