Firestop, our insulated non-combustible panels, can be used for wall and ceiling systems

The Firestop Insulated Non-Combustible Panel has a stone wool (European fire classification Class A1 rated) core.

Due to its superior fire ratings and non-combustibility, our Firestop panels are especially suitable for high fire risk locations such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent or firewalls to comply with Building Regulations.

Firestop panels used in a wall application will provide equal fire performance from both sides

This achieves symmetrical fire performance and requires no additional components in order to achieve the excellent ratings.

When considering the fire resistance of a panel system it is important to refer to both integrity and insulation:

  • Integrity – the ability of a system to stop the penetration of hot gases and flames
  • Insulation – the ability of a system to delay the temperature rise on the unexposed side of the fire

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