The UK’s largest independent LPCB accredited manufacturer of the full range of panel cores

We are uniquely positioned to give totally unbiased advice on panel applications.

All Isoclad panels allow users to meet current Building Regulation requirements, together with the highest thermal resistance standards. Different requirements can be met by the correct selection of core type and thickness.

We continuously develop our products to increase the performance of our panels

This ensures we permanently meet the latest legislative requirements, building control regulations and insurance company requirements.

Newly developed products undergo thorough in-house testing and we also carry out regular fire tests in established testing centres, such as BRE Global and Warrington Fire to ensure optimum Composite Panel Resistance.

Different cores give panels different thermal resistances which results in some panels being more suitable for fire applications, such as bakeries, and others more suitable for chill or freeze related applications, such as cold stores and indoor ski slopes.

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