Commercial building cladding considerations

The term ‘commercial building’ covers a wide range of different business premises. From customer-facing businesses, like shops and restaurants, to supply chain premises, like warehousing, commercial building applications are far-reaching.

Some types of commercial buildings include:
– offices
– shops
– shopping centres
– warehouses
– logistics centres
– restaurants
– hotels
– cinemas
– theatres
– and more…

For building owners and operators in any sector, the primary consideration must be the safety of the occupants of the building. Commercial buildings must meet a range of standards pertaining to:
– building structure
– fire safety
– resistance to contaminants and moisture
– sound dampening
– ventilation
– and more…
The British government’s Approved Documents outline these regulations.

Cladding options for commercial buildings

The right cladding for your commercial building will depend on your specific business and its needs. If your business requires temperature regulation, as many within the food prep, pharmaceutical, retail and storage sectors do, you will require cladding with different characteristics to a business that is focusing on fire safety.

Thankfully, at Isoclad, our range of cladding options for commercial buildings means we can select the perfect panelling for your requirements.

Firestop range

Ideally suited for applications where fire safety is the prime consideration, our fire-rated range of Firestop panels can be specified in multiple panel thicknesses depending on your sector.

For a lightweight, versatile panel, discover Firestop 10.
For a more robust, hard-wearing panel suitable for heavy industry, select Firestop 12.
Discover the full Firestop range.

Thermocore range

Designed to provide maximum thermal efficiency when temperature regulation is vital, the Thermocore range provides excellent thermal performance and tensile strength, while being incredibly lightweight.

For panel thickness of 40-75mm, choose Thermocore PIR 32.
For thicker panels that also benefit from extended fire testing, discover Thermocore PIR 40.
Or, view our full range of panels.

Examples of cladding systems for commercial buildings

Isoclad is proud to have supplied interior cladding for shops throughout the UK, with our modular panel systems found on a huge range of commercial buildings across multiple sectors.

From providing fire-rated hoarding panels for use in a London Underground station to cold storage support for an ice cream manufacturer , our panelling system can be found in businesses around the world.

Discover the full list of Isoclad case studies.

Maintaining your commercial building cladding

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