Keeping ice creams cool for one of the UK’s top manufacturers

One of the UK’s top ice cream manufacturer’s temperature controlled storage facility has benefited from the use of Isoclad’s Thermocore PIR cold store panels.

Consisting of a large chill area and three freezer rooms, spread over four floors, temperatures within the storage facility range from -50°C to 5°C with an external air temperature of between -12°C and 29°C.

North Yorkshire


White dust-free steel laminate

Secure, structurally sound external enclosure

The manufacturer relied heavily on Isoclad’s extensive experience in the freezer and cold storage construction sector to provide an accurate and up-to-date cold store panel system that would allow the rooms to operate at a constant temperature.

Isoclad were able to provide a solution that would create a secure and structurally sound external enclosure using the Thermocore PIR core cold store panel.

The Isoclad team recommended a system that would ensure the rooms remained working at a constant temperature while offering the perfect U Value solution, eliminating the risk of condensation sweating on either face, while also giving assurances that the panel core wouldn’t freeze up with reference to dew point.

The aesthetic finish of the panel system was white dust-free laminate.

Thermocore PIR cold store panel system

The Thermocore PIR cold store panel system is compatible with most door, louvres, windows systems and associated ancillaries. On this occasion, Isoclad worked alongside a well-known door manufacturer to ensure that the doors were provided with the correct door furniture and at the exact dimensions to suit the on-site requirements.