Composite panels designed with your project in mind

Traditionally, panels were supplied in one width, one length and one colour. As the market has changed and the flexibility of the product has developed, so has the requirements and expectations from our customer.

As part of our Customclad composite panel cutting service, we are able to cut composite panels to the exact size and specification you require, allowing for doors, windows, hatches etc.

Customclad has proven to save installers a significant amount of time and risk of human error on site, while improving on the cost of removing waste. The accuracy of the work is guaranteed, and associated health and safety issues for the installer are removed.

On-site technical support to ensure that your vision becomes a practical reality

We can design bespoke panels that are based purely on your specifications.

We have recently manufactured customised composite panels that include a number of specialist features – from an additional inner layer of plywood to enable hangers to be fitted securely onto the panel, integrated layers of soundboard for additional acoustic insulation, to incorporated expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam), ideal for blast freezer applications.

With Customclad, you no longer have to think within the ‘usual constraints’ associated with adapting panels

Our Customclad service is capable of adapting and cutting a wide range of materials and panels, not just Isoclad panels.

The maximum Customclad material width 1250mm and the maximum length is only restricted by handling constraints.

Materials customised to date include stone wool, styrofoam, polyisocyanurate, polystyrene, plasterboard, glassboard, various types of wood (marine ply, chipboard and OSB) and also steel to plywood, MDF and chipboard.

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