Easy, speedy panel sequencing with Panel Manager

Isoclad are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to assist contractors in installing their composite panels. This differentiates us from many other composite panel suppliers, offering a range of end user services including Panel Manager.

We have worked closely with a group of specifiers and contractors in order to establish ways in which we can offer a more holistic service than simply delivering the panels. From this, Panel Manager was formed – a service that is set to change the modular build process going forward.

Changing the way modular builds are built

One of the key issues our clients needed a solution to was cutting down on expensive installation time on site.

By using Isoclad’s Panel Manager service, your panels are packed, shipped and delivered in a numbered installation sequence meaning you unload your panels in line with your project plan.

Having ran several pilot schemes with some of our repeat customers, we have honed in the Panel Manager process to ensure the service is fit for purpose and improves the efficiency on site, every time.

This service is available for all of our panels including FireStop fire rated panels together with our Thermocore panels.

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