Isoclad’s customised composite wall panels

Isoclad’s customised composite wall panels

Isoclad are the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of high quality insulated and fire-rated customised composite wall panel systems.

Isoclad offer a range of cores including Mineral wool (Firestop) and PIR (Thermocore) that are all manufactured to LPCB  test standards.

Isoclad provide a total solution to your insulated composite panelling needs to enable your vision to become a reality.

The culture and flexibility at Isoclad allows them to respond to your modular build project in a timescale that suits you.

Our customers are at the heart of our service, therefore, we have developed a unique customised composite wall panel service dedicated to providing clients with a tailored modular build solution.

Customclad Customised Composite Wall Panel System

The CustomClad service will provide you with  a customised composite wall panel system that is designed to suit your business and your project. Isoclad are able to customise your composite panels to the exact size, shape and specification you require, allowing for doors, windows or hatches, for example. Moreover, your customised wall panel system comes with a design guarantee, always.

Not only has Isoclad’s CustomClad service, proven to save installers a huge amount of time it also rapidly reduces the cost of removing waste on site.

Uniquely, the distinctive customised composite wall panel service from Isoclad also offers in-house support to ensure your project is designed, planned and delivered on time.

Using Isoclad’s CustomClad service means, your project can benefit from a number of specialist features including an additional inner layer of structural support plywood to enable hangers and other fittings to be fitted securely onto the panel, integrated layers of soundboard for  additional acoustic insulation, together with the option of expanded polystyrene – Styrofoam – an ideal application for blast freezers.

Isoclad’s aim is to provide you with the total customised wall and ceiling panel solution. We have vast experience delivering customised composite wall panel solutions to a range of industries.

Case Study: Cleanroom Panels

Isoclad recently assisted with the design of a specialist pharmaceutical clean room. Isoclad visited the site with the main installation contractor to determine the scope of the project. Isoclad were instructed by local installers, Sheet Metal Products in Newcastle.

The end-users are known globally within the pharmaceutical industry. They offer pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices and have plants located across the globe, including China, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland and America. Sheet Metal Products were very happy with the quality, service and reliability of our panel system, director, Mick Patterson, said:

“From using Isoclad’s Panel Manager Service, your panels are packed, shipped and delivered. We do this in a numbered installation, so you can receive your panels in line with the stages of your project.”

Sheet Metal Products both utilised Isoclad’s CustomClad and PanelManager, services which enabled the installation team to take delivery of the panels which had all aperture openings cut out pre-delivery and packed in a sequence of installation.

Using these services meant that the panels were ready to install immediately reducing time, labour costs and site wastage.

“Thanks very much for thoroughly explaining your take-off details and how CustomClad and PanelManager would help our Project Manager. The time saved using both services has dramatically reduced our time on site saving money for both the end user and ourselves.” – Sheet Metal Products, Mick Patterson.