The future of data centre design

The future of data centre design

Data Centre Design: In terms of super-structures, the construction industry is yet to see a sector with the rapid growth of what we have seen similar to Data Centres, particularly in the last decade.

Varying throughout the world, at an understandably faster pace in the developed world (thanks to hyper-scale enterprise and colocation data centres), even those countries with emerging economies aren’t free of the ‘server room splurge.’

The 21st century has seen businesses become more and more dependent on data for a range of different activities; including understanding their customer’s behaviour, predicting patterns and changes in their marketplace, understanding irregularities and the potential threat of fraud.

Digital Data Centre Design: Designed with the future in mind.

For example, Governments are becoming increasingly dependent on digital data centres and the role they serve in providing accurate observations into the societies they serve.

Hyper-scale data centres, although very much in their infancy in terms of number, are set to explode in the coming years.

How quickly can a data centre be built?

With any new build, data centre construction comes with its own set of challenges and a number of involved risks; not least integrating the buildings themselves with an enormous range of high-tech equipment, power, cooling and security systems etc.

They all need to be considered and installed in such a way as to interoperate optimally, working together to ensure a very highly tuned machine – the data centre.

To achieve this is no mean feat and the level of coordination among architects, contractors, and sub-contractors is substantial.

Consider the possibility of running over budget and beyond a build deadline and the whole operation can become beyond stressful for all involved.

It’s with this in mind that data centre design is leaving the box. Traditional construction processes aren’t cutting the yellow stuff anymore. The good news? There’s a solution.

Data Centre Design: Save time, money and avoid risk from the outset

Isoclad is able to offer the following solution to data centre design:

Using our CustomClad service, our fire-rated modular walling and ceiling system can be built remotely inside our manufacturing plant and be shipped to any location desired.

The modular panels used can be completely pre-customised during the manufacturing phase. The ultra-stringent process allows for design-guaranteed apertures accommodating blade shelves, cabling, doors, windows, ventilation, louvres etc.

Once delivered to site, the data centre wall and ceiling panels arrive in sequence of installation using our Panel Manager Service.

By using Isoclad, your data centre build also negates the requirement for a multi-layered traditional build.

Another advantage of using the Isoclad approach is that it is still possible for customers to gain a high degree of control over the design, manufacture, cost management and on-time delivery thanks to being designated an in-house account, technical and project manager.

Working with Isoclad means leading-edge data centre facilities are delivered in pace with the anticipated demand allowing your business to adapt and grow faster.

Further to our unique services, we are able to offer panels with a core to suit your project and required fire ratings and U values, including our Firestop Mineral Wool and Thermocore PIR, along with a full range of flashings, channels and ancillary items.

We are also able to offer Security Rated Panels up to LPS1175 SR5 via our sister brand, Securiclad. If you would like further information on any of our Data Centre Design services, please get in touch with us by calling 0191 258 5052 or emailing